2016 Homesteading Goals

3 Homesteading Goals Year Three

Homesteading Goals 2016 [Year 3]

Well, it’s over half-way through February and I’m just now getting around to sharing our homesteading goals for the year…. Woops. 🙂  This marks year three for our backyard homestead.  Several things are now in “maintenance mode” [yay!], so it’s time to start getting excited about new projects.  Spring is almost here! Spring has peeked out several days this winter, but it will officially be Spring in ONE month!! [Just a side note: I think it’s funny how, as I’ve gotten older, I talk about the weather so much more. Why? It’s a classic old person thing. I’m an old person now!!?!! Ah, well… Just got to embrace it. :)]

As usual, we have several more projects and goals we want to accomplish this year.

2016 Homesteading Goals:

  1. Maintain Our Current Projects [Laying Hens, Gardens, Fruit Forest, Geese & Ducks]
  2. Build a Greenhouse
  3. Hatch Goslings & Butcher
  4. Put in Flower & Herb Garden
  5. Meat Chickens
  6. Seed Saving

Evan’s role is going to look very different this year. He’s continuing his education. So that means all his weekday evenings will be filled with school work.  Leaving just Saturday for him to work on homesteading projects.  He will still take care of his birds every night, but then its back to school!  He will be spending more time with his computer this year, instead of his Gravely and birds. 🙂

So it will be up to me to put in the hours this year on the homestead. Oh, how excited I am for this growing season. [Heart Flutters]  The last two years, we have been working hard to get the infrastructure built. This year, I’m hoping to start putting on some finishing touches. All those pretty things I’ve been dreaming about and pinning on Pinterest. Sunflower patches, cool trellises, bean tee-pees – you get the idea. Things that go nicely with my garden gnome, Seven Dwarfs. [That’s the poor guys name. I tried to think of something cute, but the boys keep calling him Seven Dwarfs. Darn Snow White book. :D]


My dream is for it to be a pleasant experience to walk about the grounds at our estate. [said with a British accent, of course] With paths, beautiful plants, archways, and maybe some toad stools??  So I guess I need to include “Make Things Pretty” on my homesteading goals list this year too. 🙂 My spring & summer are going to look a lot different this year.  The last two growing seasons I had little nursing babes to tend to. So it’s time for me to start doing a lot more dirty work.  We will have 5xs the amount of garden area this year! [Heart flutters, again.] The boys and I are going to be spending lots of time outside: building, digging, planting, seeding, spreading, weeding, collecting, and who knows-maybe this year I’ll finally get a good tan. I’m as pasty as ole Seven Dwarfs there. ;D

I’m looking forward to being in the garden with the boys, talking about the plants and letting them snitch veggies as we work.  I’m excited to see what we can get done this year. [And what other projects we add along the way!] I’ll keep you updated!

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How about you?

What are you excited to do this year?

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