2015 Homesteading Goals

2 Homesteading Goals Year Two (1)

Homesteading Goals 2015 [Year 2]

Since we managed to get all our goals done for our 1st year homesteading– the pressure was on for our second year! We really had to fight the temptation to do more than humanly possible. Even though we had many homesteading goals to accomplish- we had one big commitment already. A Baby.  We were adding our 3rd little buddy to the bunch. [Right at the beginning of the garden season of course. :D] I knew most of my time and energy was going to be spent taking care of our new human addition.  So Evan was going to be in charge of all the year’s homestead additions. 🙂  After much restraint, we were able to settle on four main goals. [But of course, we snuck in a few smaller projects.]

Second Year Homesteading Goals:

  1. Build a 2nd Garden Space
  2. Raise & Process Meat Chickens
  3. Geese….all things geese. [Brooding, Grazing, Housing, Butchering]
  4. Start a Blog

Additional Projects:

  1. Build a Seed Starting Bench
  2. Build an In-Wall Pantry
  3. Plant Propagation
  4. Ducks

Evan did an amazing job making progress on all the goals and projects.  I contributed when I could. [Usually on the food processing end.]  But again, most of my time was spent caring for the humans. 😉  I’ll be posting more on all these projects soon!

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