Our Hillside Story

Our Hillside Story-- Simply Steep Homestead


The Story Behind the Homestead ::


We bought our house with many dreams, [who doesn’t?] but our list of wants was rather complicated and well… kind of crazy. We sat down and made a list for our “perfect” house. It went something like this: land, privacy, able to have chickens, close to town, be able to hunt, (you sensing the crazy yet?) livable house, oh and it needed to be super affordable. Seemed impossible, but that didn’t stop us from hoping.

As the months of shopping drug on, we started coming back to reality. We were quickly outgrowing our 2BR trailer with boy #2 on the way. We proceeded to make offers on houses that at least met SOME of our wants. We were settling really, but one by one they kept falling through. So frustrating! We talked ourselves into each house. We explained to ourselves how having a 10ft2 backyard was going to be great, how we could learn to get along with the HOA rules, or how being inside the city limits had its advantages. In the end, we were thankful we didn’t get each house, because our dream home did eventually come on the market…the week after we decided to stop looking. Since I was 7 months pregnant, we didn’t want to be moving AND having a baby! But I was not very good at ‘not looking’. 😉  It was everything we wanted and then some.

Close to town? Check.

Privacy? Check.

Outside the city limits? Just barely, but check.

Affordable? Check.

Never mind that it was a double wide from the 70’s or that the land drops more than 60 feet from one end to the other, it was a whole acre, well 0.92. We had found our home. 🙂 How blessed we were to sign those papers, even if I had just delivered our 2nd son only 2 days earlier. We bought the house, repainted the entire inside, moved, and had a baby, all in one week. ’Twas epic, for sure. God provided for us with wonderful family and friends to help with the move and painting. We couldn’t have made the quick/seamless turnaround without them. If any of you are reading this. Thank You.

We are very thankful for our home and our hill, even if it is…to put it Simply…Steep. 🙂



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