2016 Garden Tour—Better Late Than Never!

2016 Garden Tour- simplysteep.com

2016 Garden Tour

Wow I’m behind. I have been wanting to do an update on last year’s gardens for months now. I just started planning my 2017 garden and I wanted to document my 2016 garden before I completely forget. So here goes- better late than never! [I’ll try to make it quick, since I need to get back to planning the gardens for 2017.]

For this garden tour, I would like to share two things: #1- what we grew and #2- a look at where we grew it. We don’t have a “standard” garden area where we grow everything. The slope allows us to have lots of different gardening spaces with things spread out where we could fit them [& keep the soil and plants from washing to the bottom of the hill].

What We Grew:

Since I don’t think anyone actually wants to bother reading a long list of plants… I put it in a word cloud for easy viewing. 🙂 [The larger the name, the more of it we grew.]


You can see that Tomatoes, Beans and ZINNIAs are my main crops. I unapologetically grow flowers in my limited growing space. They make me happy, produce prolific blooms, and don’t require processing or canning. That makes them my easy fun crop to grow and therefore, totally worth the space.


See what I mean? So much happiness in those jars. 🙂

We started planting mid May and finished up by the end of May. I started most of our plants from seed. Some things I started as early as the first week of March. It’s crazy how early garden season really starts. 🙂 I mentioned in my post about  How to Start a Garden that I used a free online program called Zukeeni to organize all my garden spaces this year. We have 5 different garden areas, so I am very thankful for it.

Here is what we collected from the garden(s) each month:


The July Collection


The August Collection


Some of the Herb Collection: Sage, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Rosemary & Calendula Blooms

What’s in Each Garden Space:

  • Front Yard Garden– Herbs, Flowers, Potatoes, Cold Season Crops & Lettuce
  • Garden #1– Squash, Cucumbers, Bush Beans, Carrots, Pole Beans, & Tomatoes
  • Garden #2– Tomatoes, Zinnias, Peppers, Cucumbers, & Pole Beans
  • Garden #3– [A strip below the Fruit Forest] Winter Squashes, Melons, & Sweet Potatoes
  • Deck Garden– Jerusalem Artichokes [Sunchokes], Spinach Onions, & Carrots. Plus a few other random things that ended up in pots. 🙂

This year we did venture into the front yard to add a garden area. The front yard is the ONLY level space we have and it was hard to start tilling up the kids play area, but it only took about three hours to put the entire thing in. It was so worth it. Now I have a place to play in the front yard too. 🙂

Here’s a “Before & After” Look at Each Garden Space-

Before: Front Yard Garden

Newly built this year, complete with fence, mulch, a gate, and an archway made from a cattle panel !


After: Front Yard Garden


Another cattle panel archway between Gardens #1 & #2


We planted pole beans on both sides of the arch. It was a race to the top! 🙂

Boy #1 helping plant beans to grow up the archway.


They’re starting to come up!



Loving these bean trellis archways.

Before: Garden #1


After: Garden #1


Before: Garden #2


After: Garden #2


Before: Garden #3


After: Garden #3


The Deck Garden

There are three of the grey tubs, plus a bunch of random pots.


That’s the Garden Tour!

Now I’m all excited to get back to planning my 2017 garden! I already have so many ideas for new additions and improvements. Although, I am having a baby in May…so I should REALLY be simplifying and streamlining the garden. Hummm… That stack of 15 seed catalogs is not going to make this easy…


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