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Hi There!

Our backyard homestead is situated on the beautiful [steep] hillside.

It’s almost an acre and it’s straight



Simply Steep Homestead View

The view from our back porch.

Most people would shy away from land that is so steep it can only be mowed with a walk-behind mower [and that’s if you’re careful], but we saw great potential.  It was affordable, 5 minutes from downtown, and just outside the city limits.  JACK POT!!!

We aren’t sure how to make it work all the time, but we like the challenge.  Like most, we found the internet to be a great source with a wealth of knowledge.  Although we were able to find many wonderful blog posts, podcasts, and videos about homesteading- solutions that factored in a steep slope were scarce.  So that has inspired us to share our experiences homesteading with geese, chickens, ducks, gardens and other DIY projects on our hillside. This blog will serve as a chronicle of the work we are doing & the progress we are making.  Our hope is that our experiences, successes, and failures might help out our fellow homesteaders.  Enjoy!

      The Cast of Homesteaders:

Us having a romantic time cutting up a deer. 🙂

Kellen-  The one writing and photographing this endeavor. I’m usually found in the kitchen making cookies or preparing freezer meals.  I love yard sales, Craigslist, baking, Pinterest, and flowers.

Evan-  The brawn that is doing most of the homestead work and research.  Comes home from his computer desk job everyday, with a “new idea” that’s he’s been researching and listening to podcasts on.  He loves Reddit, DOTA 2, his Gravely Walk-Behind tractor, and all things poultry.

Boy #1– 5 years old.  Always eager to help, rough and tumble, independent, observant, loves anything with a screen, always wants to play the bad guy, and LOVES his family.

Boy #2– 3 years old. A softy, with a big heart, that loves food, and tagging along. Eating berries from our fruit forest is one of his favorite activities, only second to helping me make cookies.

Boy #3– Almost 2 years old. The perfect tag along for his brothers. He loves to do EVERYTHING with them and Daddy and HATES when he’s left out. He’s been taking lessons from his oldest brother on how to properly defend himself from a goose. 🙂

Baby- More than likely a SHE- will be joining us at the end of May. It’s a race to see who will come first: Planting the Garden or Baby. 🙂


Welcome to Simply Steep Homestead!

Simply Steep Homestead